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Creative Fiction Writing Courses

Introduction to Writing Fiction

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On this course, we’ll cover all the basics of writing fiction that you need to know to make your creative writing project a success. We’ll explore different approaches to developing your story, to help you challenge yourself as a writer, as well as identify writing techniques that best work for you. We’ll use fun exercises, creative prompts and group discussion to learn about the different elements and skills that go into bringing a story idea to life, in a programme designed to support and inspire aspiring writers.

Next Course: 1 February – 7 March

Saturdays 9.30-11.30am, Level 1, 100 Mayoral Drive, Auckland CBD



Course Outline

Create memorable characters

Good characters are the driving force of a good novel, and getting the reader to care about your characters is the key to writing a page-turner. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the different character types and learn about character arcs. Through fun creative exercises and prompts, we will create a cast of memorable characters to populate your novel, as well as describe them in a distinctive way.

Create a storyline and plot structure

A solid plot forms the backbone of a good novel. In this workshop, we’ll learn about the different plot ‘formulae’ that recur in fiction and how these can be adapted. We’ll go through creative exercises that give you the chance to trial various approaches to plotting, at different levels of detail. The aim is to help you find a method that works for you in developing your storyline and planning a structure for your novel.

Getting the pacing right is a crucial element in writing a highly readable story. We’ll look at how scenes play different roles in speeding up the pace of a story, increasing the tension, and in giving the reader some ‘breathing space’. You will have a chance to try out creative exercises which will help you vary the pace and create tension in your writing.

Choose the right point of view

In this workshop, we will explore the influence of point of view on the reader experience. Through some creative writing exercises, we’ll help you identify which points of view and narration styles most resonate with you as a writer, as well as challenging you to experiment with different styles to expand your writing skills.

Bring your dialogue to life

Good dialogue is a key element in driving your story forward and engaging the reader. In this workshop, we will use fun and energetic exercises to create dialogue that really sparkles. We’ll discuss some of the secrets that make dialogue both realistic and gripping.

Create vivid scenes

In this workshop, we’ll work at writing evocative description, focusing on how to select crucial details that bring your scenes to life in the reader’s mind. We’ll also discuss some of the ways you can develop your writer’s eye for detail and develop daily habits that help polish your descriptions.

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Student Feedback

Such an enjoyable course with a fabulous teacher and group. Well paced course and I enjoyed hearing other people’s stories develop during the eight-week course.


Would highly recommend this course to any aspiring writers. Very informative, practical and a lot of fun. Thank you Ellie, you’re an inspiration.


This was such a welcoming and friendly course filled with practical writing tips. Everything felt useful, and it definitely gave me more confidence in both writing and analysing stories. It was a lot of fun.


I’ve found this course to be super helpful. I’ve always had the creative ideas, but wasn’t sure how to structure them well. The course has given me the tools (and the confidence) to actually write something to publish.


As a beginner writer, I really appreciated having a safe and collaborative environment to discuss my writing, share thoughts and ideas, and grow my skill set. The beginners course is insightful, practical and encouraging – as are the tutors.


A well-presented course that catered to our group’s individual needs. A very friendly, positive atmosphere that inspired learning and sharing. Good organisation and topics that covered all the basics. Made me think, gave me new skills and motivated me. Thanks.


I found it doesn’t matter who you are, how much, how little writing experience you have the writing workshops are a deliciously open forum.


Such a great course to learn the basics and rules of novel writing! Ellie is super friendly and patient. Great meeting new creatives!


Really interesting exercises which open your eyes to new ways of expressing yourself to your readers.


I found the course immensely useful and stimulating – it helped to give me space to immerse myself in writing and pick up new skills.


Ellie exposed the muddle in my head, helped me get words flowing onto paper instead of setting in a puddle, and showed me there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.


An inspiring and informative course. I was amazed and very grateful to have learned so much about the finer details of what it takes to become a good writer. So many useful tips and tricks.


Achieve your Writing Goals.

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