Best of Auckland

We invited Auckland writers to send us their best work, for consideration for a new collection of fiction and poetry that would bring together the best of current Auckland writing. This book is the result. We invite you to immerse yourself in these Auckland stories and poems. Some will entertain you, some will haunt you, all of them will move you.

Welcome to the Best of Auckland.

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Sleep-deprived doctors tread a fine line between reality and fantasy, grumpy baristas take up arms as society crumbles around them, and petty criminals brush shoulders with supernatural beings in this collection of stories and poetry from the best of Auckland writers. Many are set in our familiar cityscape, in places like Karangahape Road, Point Chev, Henderson, and Waiheke. Best of Auckland deals with universal human themes: love and fear, hope and nostalgia, and everything in between.

At times quirky or optimistic, at times dark or wistful, the Best of Auckland collection is guaranteed to entertain you, move you, and show you the world from new angles.

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The Right Thing To Do by Matt Billington

Botticelli Painted Venus Naked, Surfing on a Scallop Shell by Anita Arlov

Coffice Unrest by Sharni Wilson

I Believe That Morris Expects Me to Clean the Kitchen Tonight by Jill Varani

Red State by Jill Varani

Chaos Blossoms by Rean Fadyl

The Singularity of Sleep by Eileen Merriman

Birdwatching by Alexandra Fraser

Luna’s Crew by Kathryn van Beek

Residuum by Paul M Clark

Ghostwriter by Siobhan Harvey

Out by EJ Doyle