Book a Beta Reading

The beta reader will read your manuscript, and identify high-level strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of answering the question: “will this book sell?”

You will then have a approx 30 min zoom call with your beta reader, who will talk you through their findings.

To book a beta reading:

  • Select your manuscript length from the list of options
  • Email your manuscript as a word document to
  • In your email, include a synopsis of your manuscript, a brief bio, and an outline of your goals with this piece of writing.

If your manuscript exceeds the length options given, or if you have any other questions, get in touch:

Beta reading services are based on the word count of your manuscript:

Up to 5,000 words


5,000-20,000 words


20,000-50,000 words


50,000-70,000 words


70,000-90,000 words


90,000-110,000 words


“The secret to editing your work is simple: you need to become its reader instead of its writer.”

Zadie Smith