Copy Editing

Ready to send that manuscript out into the world?

Whether you want to submit to a publisher/agent or you’re self-publishing, a copy-edit can make your writing shine.

A copy-edited novel conveys professionalism and ensures that errors don’t get in the way of readers enjoying your story.

The Copy-editing Process

We’ll look at each word, sentence and paragraph, and make sure the text of your manuscript flows well, is well-worded and grammatically robust.

The copy edit will not look at larger issues, such as the plot or structure. A copy edit is suitable for a manuscript that is already structurally strong. It is the final polish on an already solid piece of writing.

You will receive a mark-up of your manuscript with suggested changes and comments on style and paragraph structure. Stylistic tendencies and recurring grammar mistakes will be highlighted for you in a separate document.

The cost of your copy edit will depend on the length of your manuscript and on the work required to make it shine.

Send us your manuscript so we can provide a quote:

  • Email your manuscript as a word document to
  • In your email, include the word count of your manuscript, a synopsis (for works greater than 30,000 words), a brief bio, and an outline of your goals with this piece of writing.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

Approximate fees

Up to 5,000 words: $399-$600

5,000-20,000 words: $499-$800

20,000-50,000 words: $599-$1,100

50,000-70,000 words: $799-$1400

70,000-90,000 words: $899-$1800

90,000-110,000 words: $999-$2200

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.

William H Gass