New year, new blank page. Have you made a new year’s resolution to write more, to get started on that novel, or something along those lines? Whether you’re one to make resolutions or one to just be generally determined to become a more productive writer in 2022, we’ve got some tips for you to make this a successful writing year!

Julie says: Write for yourself, not for anyone else. One of the most daunting aspects of writing is the thought that someone is going to read those words that you’re putting down on the page. As a result, you end up pressuring yourself to write something stunningly brilliant (or at least something you won’t be embarrassed to show your best friend or your mum) and that need for perfection will more than likely prevent you from writing as much as you planned. Telling yourself that this writing is only for yourself can help you overcome those mental hurdles that are stopping you from getting on with that story.

Paul says: Try to develop routines that fit into your life. While we might dream of long, uninterrupted days of writing (perhaps at an antique wooden desk while admiring a peaceful and inspiring sea view through the open window?) the reality is that most of us have day jobs, families, and other ‘life things’ that need to be prioritised. If you can figure out when your most productive writing times are, you can then build that into your schedule – whether it’s getting up early to write, or maybe taking your laptop to the café down the road for a bit of peace and quiet. Routines like these will help you make effective use of the writing time that you do have.

Ellie says: Find a writing buddy! There’s nothing quite like meeting up with a friend (or three) for a bit of a chat, a cup of coffee, and an intensive writing session on a regular basis. When your friends are expecting you to turn up and write, it becomes much harder to find excuses not to. I get some of my best writing done this way. Critique groups are also effective at getting you writing, because they give you regular, reoccurring deadlines for getting a set amount of writing done. If none of your friends write (us writers can be pretty hard to find), or if you haven’t yet found a good feedback group, check out our Novel Writers’ Club.