We are collecting together the best of Auckland writing

What is the ‘Best of Auckland’ collection?

‘Best of Auckland’ will be a showcase of Auckland writing, featuring the best stories and poetry by Auckland writers. The compilation will be published in early 2020 in physical and digital form. More details will be available soon.

The ‘Best of Auckland’ selection

We received over a hundred entries for the Best of Auckland, and choosing the best pieces was an extremely difficult task. We now have a selection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry which come together to create an exciting, diverse, must-read collection. The following pieces will be published in the ‘Best of Auckland’ collection:

Birdwatching by Alexandra Fraser

Botticelli Painted Venus Naked, Surfing on a Scallop Shell by Anita Arlov

Chaos Blossoms by Rean Fadyl

Coffice Unrest by Sharni Wilson

Ghostwriter by Siobhan Harvey

I Believe That Morris Expects Me to Clean the Kitchen Tonight by Jill Varani

Luna’s Crew by Kathryn van Beek

Out by EJ Doyle

Red State by Jill Varani

Residuum by Paul M Clark

The Right Thing To Do by Matt Billington

The Singularity of Sleep by Eileen Merriman